Black Francis to Magnet: Philly didn’t get an encore ’cause Philly didn’t earn an encore


IMG_7315Last month, alt-rock icons Pixies played a double-header show in Philly, following up a lively stripped-down Free at Noon at XPN with an electrifying headlining set at the Electric Factory.

Well, electrifying except for one thing. There was no encore. The set approached thirty songs and was nearly two hours long, but when the band left the stage, it left for good. Here’s how our Chris Sikich described the scene at the time:

After what seemed to be a joyous end to “Nimrod’s Son,” with Santiago having great fun with his guitar and even exchanging his hat with a smiling Lenchantin, the band did not return — despite playing an encore at every other show on the tour, the crowd loudly clapping and calling for more, and the stage seemingly set for a return.

Certainly ruling the soundwaves is hard work and not always satisfying for all. But even though the abrupt ending left a sour taste for some at the end of the night, the rare delicacy of Pixies’ ferocious sound is destined to bring fans back as long as the band deigns to tour.

Chris was more diplomatic than commenter Pat Bateman, who weighed in to say that the Pixies earlier acoustic performance was:

Unlike the evenings performance @ the Electric Factory where they hardly acknowledged the crowd and then unceremoniously walked off and never came back for an encore. Tweeted by Black Francis yesterday we weren’t enthusiastic enough as a crowd but now deleted. What a douchebag. #howtoloseafanin140charactersorless

The story develops with the latest issue of Magnet Magazine, out today. It features an epic, 7,000 word cover story interview by Jonathan Valania (of Phawker fame), who sat down with Black Francis backstage at the Factory show in question and (among other things) got a very honest explanation of what happened from the artists’ perspective. The juicy pull-quote goes like this:

The crowd didn’t earn an encore. I’m old-school that way. I’m Vaudeville. I find that when the audience is younger, they want you to hold their hand and smile and kick the beach ball around, and we don’t do that. We don’t do jazz hands.

On the one hand, the tradition of the rock show encore is played out and tiresome. It’s like, come on, we stand there, we cheer, but we know you’re coming back. Because EVERYBODY comes back. Because it’s expected. So kudos to Pixies for taking that back and reserving the encore for times when it actually means something.

On the other hand: ouch.

To read more of the interview, which also touches on Kim Deal’s departure from Pixies with similar candor, check out an excerpt over at Phawker. For the entire thing, find yourself a copy of Magnet at your local newsstand or order one online. Below, a video from happier times and our Free at Noon concert.



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10 Responses to “Black Francis to Magnet: Philly didn’t get an encore ’cause Philly didn’t earn an encore”

  1. Undeserving fan

    Puh-leeze…get over yourselves! And don’t forget to work on your jazz hands for your encore when you return to Philly! #hasbeens

  2. icemannj

    I’m okay with the idea of saving an encore for when an audience does deserve it. But seriously, all the shows on this tour got an encore, and Philly has the only audience with “jazz hands”? Sorry, Mr. Francis–this was you having an idea that this will be a “statement.” Who knows why they didn’t come out, but that wasn’t it.

  3. Ben Franklin

    I bet they wouldn’t get a packed noon time crowd in many other cities. Love em but he’s showing the true Masshole inside him. No wonder Ben Franklin moved out of that town.

  4. Oldnintheway

    The monumental ego of musicians who believe in their own superiority, never fails to hasten their own demise…

  5. Michael D.

    Philly is one of the great musical cities in the country….save your encores for Tampa then.

  6. Matt smiff

    They still do stadium is Europe bro.

  7. matt smiff

    They are bon jovi famous in europe g. Get over yourself.

  8. Cuddy Sark

    Not really a Pixies fan but if I’m gonna stand there and enjoy a free concert, I’ll definitely show my appreciation. I wasn’t there so I can’t say how the crowd really reacted. But as a musician whose played Philadelphia many times, I know the crowd can often be a little too laidback during performance applause and feedback especially when Its a younger audience. A more mature and less hipster audience is usually more appreciative. Then again maybe Francis was just being a pryk. We always gave encores if the crowd hollered for it.

  9. Justin

    What a dingus!

  10. Keats

    Not sure the issue, here. Personally the charade that we all participate in is tiring. We enjoy a great show, they play their finale, and then we say good night. Not sure why they have to pretend to be done. We pretend to be disappointed and hopeful for more, and then they do one or more songs.

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