PREMIERE: Download “Penn’s Woods,” a song from Bucks County one-man band Jeremiah Tall


JTHailing from pastoral Bucks County, Jeremiah Tall has equal access to the city and countryside, and you can totally hear it in his music. On the one hand, it’s very roots / Americana-centric – not unlike his neighbors Levee Drivers – but there’s a key difference here. Tall is quite literally a one-man band, channeling that rowdy barroom rock energy into rabble rousing, bourbon-soaked country with just himself and a hand-painted suitcase converted into a kick drum. You can see what that looks / sounds like below in a live performance of the stomping “Bleed” shot at The Fire. But you can also hear the more delicate side to Tall in “Penn’s Woods,” a new song we’re premiering today.

It opens with a wistful banjo pattern as Tall sings of escaping from a exhausting small town life to an even smaller town – the one-road, one-horse zen isolation of the narrator’s childhood. As the kick-tambourine beat enters, “Penn’s Woods” takes a broader scope, looking at the dreams of rural workers and finding solace in simplicity. Get a free download below, and see Jeremiah Tall at one of two shows this weekend: Friday March 14th at Bryn and Dane’s in Horsham, or Saturday March 15th at MOM’s in Doylestown.



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18 Responses to “PREMIERE: Download “Penn’s Woods,” a song from Bucks County one-man band Jeremiah Tall”

  1. Girl With The facts

    There is nothing “pastoral” or “small town” about where this guy grew up. He grew up in Hatboro, PA which isn’t even in Bucks County. Just another phony trying to create some kind of mystique around music that nobody cares about. Nobody cared about his terrible hard rock music and now 10 years later with an Afro and an extra 200lbs we’re still not gonna care.

  2. Deanna

    Wow. That wasn’t very nice.

  3. Jenny

    What the hell is wrong with you?

  4. crzymom

    Wow Girl bitter much?

  5. Guy With Even More Facts

    Great Guy with excellent musical abilities! Jeremiah’s live shows are always fun and inviting. I’m honored to call this guy a friend!

  6. Guy With Even More Facts

    Oh, I’m sorry. What song do you currently have on XPN? Can you provide a link to your write up?

  7. Guy With Even More Facts

    Also, Hatboro is less than 1.5 square miles. If that’s not considered a “small town”, then please elaborate.

    He has lived in Bucks county for almost 10 years. If you knew how to read, it says “hailing from”, not “born in”.

  8. lovethisguy!

    How can you say anything about someone that you don’t even know. Did you grow up with this guy? He is sharing with others something that he is passionate about! If you don’t like who he is/or his music don’t bother listening. No one told you you had to like him. Grow up and be respectful to people. If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone than keep it to yourself. Apparently your parents never told you any manners. He is a great musician and is going to go far!

  9. Rick

    Girl with the facts. You are a bitter soul and I feel bad for you. So go f*%k yourself you turd.

  10. Girl With Better Facts

    Dear Girl with OPINIONS, not facts;
    Jealously and opinions do not qualify in my book as facts. Jeremiah Tall’s work has only grown and like many other musicians has changed throughout his career to become what is it now, which in all our opinions is fantastic. Here is a link to a book I found that may be better for you if you don’t enjoy his music.

    Good luck in your charming life.

  11. Lauren

    I for one find his music heartfelt and intriguing. To me it sounds like you are clearly someone who has not been able to let go of something that happened in your past. People grow tremendisly in a 10 year period and I find it sad that you apparently have not.

    Im happy for Jeremiah Tall. For his success and living his dream.

  12. Girl With The facts

    No matter, He is a fake. Tries to reinvent himself with a terrible stage name and some arts and craft kick drum. He has the voice of an 80 year old lady who has smoked her entire and looks like he’s 1 big mac away from a heart attack. He’s unoriginal it’s all been done before. Go back to the trailer park

  13. ilovethisguy!

    Wow you really are a bitter person. Don’t be a hater because your life SUCKS and he is doing something with his. He has a great voice and a awesome following of people who love his music! Again if you can’t be respecful to other than don’t say anything at all. We could case less what you think of him, so do us all a favor and shut the hell up.

  14. girlw/nofilter

    Girl with the facts aka ugly bitch from hell who ain’t got nothing else better to do or nothing goin for her self then to come on here and shit on someone who Doin well! Way better then whatever u r doing any time u got time to say negative stuff on purpose! He has a wonderful unique voice and talent he is a one man band sweetheart get ur facts straight before u put urself on blast lookin dumb! Even my 1yr olds don’t act how u acting! Good grief! Stfu!

  15. John Vettese

    Hey folks. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion here about this song / artist, and this space is here for you to debate your opinions. But that means *civil discourse*, not name-calling and making presumptions about your fellow commentors. You’ve collectively said your piece. If you don’t have anything constructive to add further, please chill. Cool?

  16. The music man

    This song is fantastic! I’m glad XPN is bringing local music like this. This is so unique and heartwarming. Makes me proud of where I come from! Such a hook too! Sang along from the get go! Keep bringing me more of this!

  17. kay

    I couldn’t agree more John V. This page is for music. Good song, with an intimate feeling and this is a great blog!

  18. Farzad

    Great song, keep them coming!

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