Download “I Am Dust” by Gary Numan, playing the Trocadero this Sunday, March 23rd



Gary Numan has impressed generations of ears since his debut album back in 1978 with Tubeway Army. As the New Wave subsided, Gary found his footing in the rise of industrial sounds and put out a series of solid releases to his core fan base. With the years ticking by – perhaps led by nostalgia – Gary began to incorporate more electronics and classic “Numan” sounds into his songs – demonstrated with his 2006 Jagged release. His most recent visit to Philadelphia (and The Trocadero) in 2011 allowed everyone to experience flashbacks as he performed The Pleasure Principle in its entirety, in celebration of its 30th anniversary. Now he has come full circle – as his newest release – Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) – truly embraces his past with a strong nod to the future. Below, download “I Am Dust.” Numan plays the Trocadero this Sunday night, March 23rd. Go here for tickets and more information about the show.

Purchase Splinter (Songs from a Broken Mind) here.



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