Hauntingly brilliant singer-songwriter Banks drops remix to “Brain”, plays Underground Arts 6/7

Photo via facebook.com/hernameisbanks
Photo via facebook.com/hernameisbanks

Hailing from California, Banks‘ music is everything but sunny. But that doesn’t mean it’s not pleasant to listen to. On the hazy, sweet-voiced R&B spectrum she can be situated between Jhene Aiko and Jessy Lanza; grittier than the former but less electronic than the latter. The Fei-Fei’s Feided remix of “Brain” resonates in all the same ways as the Shlohmo-produced original, as all the essential parts remain intact with just the addition of some electro sheen weaved on top of it’s already-brilliant stitching. Check it out below and get tickets to her show at Underground Arts on June 7th here.



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