Listen to Jim Boggia and Ali Wadsworth perform live on the Leicht Lunch

Photo by Helen Leicht

April 22nd was Earth Day and also the 50th birthday of the very talented Jim Boggia! Perfect reason to have Jim stop by my show on the Leicht Lunch to sing a song for Earth day!

Jim and Ali Wadsworth came in sang “Nature’s Way” by Spirit for Earth Day and an amazing cover of “Love Hurts” (the Graham Parsons and EmmyLou Harris version). Jim and Ali sang this song live at Steel City Coffeehouse on Saturday night and Jim was so excited he finally found the perfect person to sing this duet with him. Since it was his birthday he wanted to celebrate with XPN listeners. You can check out the song, and the entire performance on my show, below.



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48 Responses to “Listen to Jim Boggia and Ali Wadsworth perform live on the Leicht Lunch”

  1. Lance Knox

    absolutely ADORE this version. I’m so happy that it’s available to listen to over and over again! 😀

  2. Dörthe Externest

    Jim Boggia is one of the most talented, diverse, laugh out loud funny, hard-working entertainers this city has brought forth. Happy Birthday Jim, please keep on doing your thing, you make many, many people happy that way! :)

  3. Bob

    Absolutely beautiful how their voices blend. One of the best versions if this song I have heard

  4. Holly

    Wow, I love this. Voices are so beautiful together. More!

  5. Jack

    Wow- awesome! So sorry we missed the Steel City show, but we’ll be there next time. What a talented performer!

  6. Pat

    Love this Jim! You and Ali sound so wonderful together! A joy to listen to over and over again.

  7. Peter Gerstenzang

    Right up there with Gram and Emmylou. Just gorgeously sad. More from these two.

  8. KettlePotTracks

    I didn’t expect anything but awesome here, and you two didn’t disappoint.

  9. Shannon


  10. Doc

    Fantastic! More!

  11. Michael Cabnet

    did Boudleaux Bryant proud

  12. Justin Rugnetta

    I’d expect no less from you two.

  13. patty battaglio

    Such beautiful harmonies!!
    Gives me the chills!!

  14. RPerry

    So passionate. Beautiful. Thanks XPN for giving artists the opportunity to do these kinds of recordings.

  15. Joanne C

    Just beautiful.

  16. Kathy Perry-Scaturro

    In love

  17. Mo Man

    Wonderful….expected nothing less !

  18. Liesbeth


  19. Akira

    This is AWESOME, Jim…!!! Otanjoubi Omedetou!!

  20. miyuki


  21. jbfan

    SLAM! What a match of timbres. Perfect.

  22. Fergie


  23. Marietta Welsh-Kohler

    Absolutely beautiful! Gave me goosebumps!

  24. Tracy

    Just love Jim Boggia, his classic voice shines here! Really enjoyed Ali Wadsworth too! Great combination. More please :)

  25. Les Abrahamson

    Really great cover – more please!

  26. Running Gunx

    Wow ! Boston needs a little of this!y

  27. Lorraine Rhodes Ellis

    beautiful – hope to see you two play live again soon

  28. Jamie Knox

    Perfection! Your voices are superb together. More duets please Jim! (If you can’t find anyone to sing with …I’m available. ;D )

  29. Teyzoo

    a beautiful version of this moving song. love Jim Boggia in all of his incarnations!

  30. John Rossi

    Have been a huge fan of Jims for many years . . . .this is one of the best things I’ve ever heard him do . .. Ali is a great partner for his voice!!! More! More! More!

  31. Kate Kennedy Ryan

    Sounds wonderful – 2 beautiful voices!

  32. Joe Fusco

    A wonderful, soulful, stirring, shut up and pay attention, rendition of a rock classic! Lovely, Jim and Ali!

  33. Larry Perfetti

    Great job. Very touching. Jim is always great. He works hard to make music meaningful and touching. Ali, new to me, has the right stuff, too. Congrats, Jim and Ali.

  34. Jeff Sund

    Great job. Harmonies are right on… makes me want to hear more songs with the both of you harmonizing. Nice – Jim and Ali.

  35. EmmKayPHL

    This was so great! I had to stop everything just to take in and truly savor these amazing harmonies.

  36. JPW

    This is fantastic! Jim and Ali should do more together.

  37. Kenn Pierog

    Lovely duet and a great song choice! Two top-notch singers who listen to each other’s voices and make adjustments on the fly. Real pros!

  38. Louis Greenstein

    Artists like these keep Philadelphia on the musical map. My wife and I attend so many Jim Boggia shows we have come to feel that he and his music improve the quality of our lives. If that ain’t art, what is. Gorgeous work. Sound delivery.

  39. Kathy Cavell

    Stunning and beautiful…need to hear more from this duo!!

  40. Sue

    This is really beautiful, thanks for sharing it!

  41. Joan McGranary

    Excellent Jim & Ali! Your voices go together so perfectly well! Love it!

  42. Nika

    I was lucky to hear Jim and Ali perform this song last Sat. at Steel City and have revisited it a few more times here. Absolutely lovely!!

  43. Ben Evans

    Amazing performance by the amazing Jim B. and Ali

  44. CherylSquadrito

    Jim Boggia is amazing, and this duet with Ali proves it. Can’t get enough of his voice and his songs. Great cover.

  45. Joe DiBartolo

    Great version of a great song!

  46. Drew Murray

    Well done – and belated Happy Birthday Jim!

  47. Becki Lott

    You guys did Gram and Emmy Lou proud. It was excellent last Saturday at Steel City too. Love the whole vibe.

  48. samme s

    Wow! Just amazing!

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