What’s happening at Kung Fu Necktie? “Changes” announced in how shows are booked

Eternal Summers onstage at Kung Fu Necktie | Photo by John Vettese

A Facebook post this morning announced that Fishtown venue Kung Fu Necktie is “making some changes” and will move in “a different direction as far as booking the club goes.” The small club underneath the El opened its doors in late 2008 and was initially booked in part by R5 Productions under the guidance of Steven Ward James. But James left around 2010, and the club has gone through a string of promoters since then, most recently Bonfire (who also handles Underground Arts and North Star). In the past year, the venue has booked simultaneous shows on the downstairs stage as well as a renovated upstairs gallery space, sometimes doing upwards to three shows or DJ events per night – a programming policy that’s generated some degree of flack from the music community.

According to the announcement (which you can read in full after the jump), the club is “running more as a collective from here on out, with the hopes of each show being slightly more micro-managed.” They say the venue will be open to independent promoters, with “a few in-house facilitators” offering guidance.

We’ve reached out to some of the stakeholders and will update you as we find out more. For now, read KFN’s announcement below.

We have made some changes here at Kung Fu Necktie and decided to go in a different direction as far as booking the club goes.
We have parted ways with our most recent promoter and things are running more as a collective from here on out, with the hopes of each show being slightly more micro-managed. In other words, our club is now open to independent promoters, but we still have a few in-house facilitators that will be handling booking our calendar. We’re currently working hard on filling the gap that was left when we made the switch, which left us just a few weeks to get our ducks in a row, but we’re already packing our schedule with awesome shows this summer through a collection of different promoters, and we’re excited to continue to serve as a great spot for everyone in Philadelphia to come see the bands they love.
We have a bunch of excellent shows being announced every day, alongside our already great monthly parties like Friends & Fam, An Assortment of Belligerence (DJ Nick Kulp’s new rager), Famelust, Bodyrock, The Boom Bap, Strangled By The Stereowire, ETC.

Bands and Agents: Whether your experience with our most recent promoters was a positive one or negative one, we want you to know that our doors are always open for you and we look forward to having you and your bands play our room in the future.

The best way to get in touch with us from here on out is via kungfunecktie@gmail.com, which will contact the club directly.
From there we will either book your band(s) directly or pass you along to one of many independent promoters that bring shows to our club, depending on the genre of your band(s).
If you feel like your bands best place is in our gallery space, then you can contact kfnupstairs@gmail.com.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, we just wanted get the proper information out in the open for everyone to continue to enjoy Kung Fu Necktie. See you all soon.



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