XPN’s Gotta Hear Song of the Week: “Waiting All Night” by Phish



Last week the Vermont rock band Phish released a dreamy, acoustic guitar flavored, mid-tempo ballad, “Waiting All Night,” from their forthcoming new studio album, Fuego, out on June 24th. It’s the band’s 12th studio album, their first in five years, and was produced by the legendary Bob Ezrin. Phish treated fans to material from their new album during their Atlantic City Halloween show on October 31, 2013. With the album billed as Wingsuit for the show, they debuted many songs from the now titled Fuego.

The band will also be on tour this Summer; their two Philly dates at The Mann are sold out. Listen to the song below.

Fuego Track Listing:

1. Fuego
2. The Line
3. Devotion To A Dream
4. Halfway To The Moon
5. Winterqueen
6. Sing Monica
7. 555
8. Waiting All Night
9. Wombat
10. Wingsuit



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2 Responses to “XPN’s Gotta Hear Song of the Week: “Waiting All Night” by Phish”

  1. jonathan

    mature, confident, quirky, smooth, honest, deep, subtle, new. keep it rolling boys.

  2. Jon

    “Acoustic guitar-flavored?” There’s almost no acoustic guitar here. In fact, there’s very little guitar here at all – a little muted picking, a languid descending melody, some tremolo sustained notes, a few washes of bright chords that could either be a very-trebly acoustic guitar, or an autoharp. Mostly this track is about bass, organ, and vocals – an interesting move for what has long been a very guitar-centric band. But much of Phish/Trey Anastasio’s development since their return in ’09 has been about Trey learning to get out of the way of the music, with increasingly spectacular results. So it’s fitting that their first single from their first album in 5 years would emphasize almost everything BUT guitar.

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