The sunshiny daydream pop of The Rebel Light

Photo courtesy of the band.
Photo courtesy of the band.

There’s nothing like a high energy, super melodic power pop song with some “bah-bah-bah’s” and a singalong at the top-of-your-lungs chorus to get the musical juices flowing. That’s the case with “Strangers” by The Rebel Light, a Los Angeles based indie pop trio comprised of 2 brothers from Montauk, New York and their long lost cousin from Yucaipa, California. The two brothers are Will Steil on vocals, piano, and rhythm guitar, and Jarrett Steil on lead guitar, bass, and vocals. Drummer Brandon Cooke brings the beats. The band have “sunshine daydream pop” written all over their songs, and while I wouldn’t ever encourage a band to cover any song by The Ronettes, they manage to pull off a great version of the classic “Be My Baby.”

Below, download “Strangers” by The Rebel Light, a buzzband from LA, on the brink of exploding into Summer.




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