Jack Johnson and Amos Lee serenaded a sold-out Mann Center crowd

Jack Johnson| photo by Michelle Montgomery | michellemontgomeryphotography.com
Jack Johnson| photo by Michelle Montgomery | michellemontgomeryphotography.com
Singer-songwriter Jack Johnson took the stage at the Mann Center to a sold-out show on Friday night. Playing an impressive non-stop two hour set of a mix of new songs off his latest LP, From Here To Now To You, and many old favorites from his previous five studio albums, Johnson got the audience clapping and singing along throughout the night. Special guest and Philly native Amos Lee joined Johnson onstage midway through the show to perform “Inaudible Melodies” and an energetic cover of Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ on the) Dock of the Bay.” Johnson was backed by multi-instrumentalist Zach Gill, percussionist Adam Topol, and bass player Merlo Podlewski.
Johnson closed the main set performing “Good People”  but the crowd couldn’t get enough of his laid-back sound, so heand his band returned to the stage for a unique five song encore. Johnson slowed it down with acoustic performances of “I Got You” and “Do You Remember.” Lee then joined Johnson on stage for the rest of the encore. 
Earlier in the evening, Lee opened the show with a set of folksy, bluesy tunes in support of his newest album, Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song. Check out the setlist and photos from the show in the gallery below.


Washing Dishes
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
You and Your Heart
If I Had Eyes
Bubble Toes
Not Fade Away
Wasting Time
Never Fade
Upside Down
Inaudible Melodies *with Amos Lee
(Sittin’ on the) Dock of the Bay *with Amos Lee
Tape Deck
Banana Pancakes
Shot Reverse Shot
Staple It Together
At or With Me
Good People

I Got You
Do You Remember
Home *with Amos Lee
Black River *with Amos Lee
Better Together *with Amos Lee



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5 Responses to “Jack Johnson and Amos Lee serenaded a sold-out Mann Center crowd”

  1. SLP

    I wish we could have enjoyed this show more, but even JJ could not overcome the noisy, rude and obnoxious crowd and the shitty Mann sound system. Amos Lee fared much better but only because the venue was about half full of those who came only to see Johnson. I am perplexed by people who buy tickets to hear live music, but instead talk loudly to their friends the whole time. They clap when the song is over but didn’t listen to any of it. We left early, disgusted by idiots who were there to socialize and drink bad beer.

  2. Bummed

    I could not agree with you more!
    We’ve been to a number of shows at the Mann and this is first time we’ve left early! The two totally drunk/high ladies, scratch that, rude women, behind us kept asking their dates the names of the songs then continued on with their conversation, for the first 12 songs (I counted). I thought my husband was going to punch someone. We paid over $150 to see Jack Johnson (it was his gift to me) and it was tough to enjoy. 🙁

  3. SLP

    I know, right? Tickets $158, parking $15, 2 cans of Troegs “craft” beer $16 and 2 $5 ice cream cones (actually the best part of the evening). Also took the day off work to come back to Philly from NY and was so looking forward to it, only to have the evening ruined by assholes. Not to mention the 30 minute wait to get into the ladies room! We vowed to never again come to a show at the Mann. Sorry you had a bad time, too.

  4. Lightenup

    I completely disagree. It was a great show with great music. The sound was wonderful and any concert you go to you are going to get drunk/high people. You need to lighten up or just keep your sour self home. It was my 6th Jack concert and it was just as good as the rest. They interacted with the crowd and played an awesome set. I couldn’t be happier. I had fun dancing, singing, clapping and making friends with the others around me who were there to get up out of their seats and feel the music. It doesn’t sound like either of you should attend a concert again.

  5. GratefulOne

    Hey, don’t forget they also played Symbol In My Driveway!! 😉 Being in the Pit was awesome!! Thanks Jack, Zach, Merlo & Adam!! Thanks again to Amos Lee also! Very Grateful for sure!! One of the best birthday gifts ever!! See you @ Firefly!! -Wendy 🙂

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