The swingin’ jazzy sounds of Chelsea Reed & The Fairweather Five

Chelsea Reed and the Fairweather Five | Photo by Cameron Pollack
Chelsea Reed and the Fairweather Five | Photo by Cameron Pollack

Several weeks ago we did a Key Studio Session with the Philly jazzy swing band Chelsea Reed & The Fairweather Five. Chelsea and the band draw on influences including Bessie Smith, Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday. Writing about the session, The Key’s John Vettese said:

The Fairweather Five has become one of the more recognizable young players in Philly’s ever-evolving jazz scene. The combo digs into standards and classics from the early 20th century (“Basin Street Blues” dates to 1917) and recasts this century-old music for today’s ears. That doesn’t mean they put some sort of “modern twist” on the music, though. Listening to the band perform, they play it like a jazz band of old would – a vocal theme at the beginning, a string of impressive solos swapped between all the players, and a return to the theme at the end. Reed and her bandmates – trumpet player Noah Hocker, saxophoneist Chris Oatts, guitarist Jake Kelberman on guitar, bassist Joe Plowman and drummer Austin Wagner – are not a pop singer-songwriter outfit with jazz leanings; rather, they’re jazz musicians with a great singer in the mix.

Below, download “the Devil’s Gonna Getcha” from the session. They play Chris’ Jazz Cafe on Saturday, July 5th.



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