XPN’s Gotta Hear Song of the Week: “Golden State” by John Murry


Oakland based singer-songwriter John Murry has released a new EP, Califorlornia, the followup to his 2013 acclaimed The Graceless Age, an album Mojo magazine called “a Southern gothic Americana symphony that twists beautiful, maudlin melodies around the dramatically brutal story of Murry’s personal fall.”

Murry explained the song’s origin to American Songwriter:

“Golden State began when Chuck Prophet threw some ridiculous art-punk 7″ on the turntable. Why he thought I’d want to hear it, I have no clue … The song was damn awful! But the idea we stole from it? Well, maybe it wasn’t … An Eastern vocal melody painted over a very Western rock and roll song structure … I thought, “What could be more California than this?!?” So we played with that sonic idea until we’d made up our own “Paint It Black” in reverse. We took lyrics I had already written down in one of my disorganized notebooks. It was another obnoxiously sunny California afternoon. Like a letter from prison put to music, Golden State represents the absurd and angry world I see around me here every single day. In my golden home. In Oakland, Califorlornia.”

Below, download “Golden State.” You can listen/purchase the full EP (with bonus tracks) here



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