“Like a Modern-Day Salvador Dali”: French’s new hypnotic music video will put you in a mind-bending trance



Local experimental artist French knows how to give the listener a real musically mind-bending experience.

The project of writer / producer Mikey Franz recently released two new singles, “Call It” and “En Bloc,” and his new music video for “Call It” is like being in a drug-induced dream sequence. You’ll be seeing multiple images and colors at once in this trippy video with the images melting into one another, like a modern-day Salvador Dali. Mixed with the lo-fi, fleeting melody and Franz’s soaring vocals, this video is a complete psychedelic hallucination.

But be warned: this is not a happy-go-lucky drug trip. The song will leave you with a kind of sad hollowness wishing there was more. Check out the music video for “Call It” below and listen to both of French’s new singles here.



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