Tonight’s Concert Picks: Temples at Morgan’s Pier, Kwesi K at Haddon Lake Park, Modern Inventors at the TLA

Temples | photo via
Temples | photo via

UK psych pop band Temples will be playing at Morgan’s Pier tonight (and it’s free). The band released its debut album Sun Structures in February. In an interview with the Key’s Nikki Volpicelli, the band tried to explain the spiritual aspect of the band by stating that “Just having a piece of art that’s completely saturated in symbolism and maybe not a direct message there but just the point of… ‘look at this, this is symbolic, isn’t that amazing?’ Not for any particular reason sometimes.” Listen to “Mesmerize” from Sun Structures below. Get more details about the show at the XPN Concert Calendar.

Local pop soul singer Kwesi K will be playing at Haddon Lake Park tonight. The singer songwriter recently did a wonderful SoFar Philadelphia session where he played “Great Goodbye” off of Lovely. He also did an interesting interview with the Key’s Helen Leicht and released the beautiful video for “Pronouns”. Kwesi will be playing with Angel Snow, as a part of the Park’s Sundown Music Series. Listen to “Great Goodbye” below. Get more details about the show here.

Philly power pop group Modern Inventors will be playing at the TLA tonight. Last year, the group did a stellar Key Studio Session, following the release of their debut album Trains and Aeroplanes. In an interview with the Key’s John Vettese, singer-songwriter Matt Kass talked about how he came about choosing the people in his band, stating that “At the risk of sounding pretentious, I think the over arching theme is that we really wanted to associate our selves with people who are genuine and real, being talented is a prerequisite. There is so much bullshit in this industry, that if you don’t surround yourself with people that you want to pick up the phone and call, then I think you’re going to eventually start hating what you do.” Catch Modern Inventors, along with their friends Moon Taxi and Among Criminals. Get more details here. Listen to “Hello” from Trains and Aeroplanes below.

Also playing:
Steely Dan at Musikfest ($49-69, all ages, 7:30 pm)



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