Fluid manager and Philly nightlife champion Oronde Gibson has passed away at 43

Oronde Gibson
Oronde Gibson

Oronde Gibson, the face of Fluid Nightclub for its 14-year run and man who helped nurture a generation of DJs in this city passed away overnight – of complications from a stroke suffered earlier this year. He was just 43. There’s a lot of sadness in the music community today – I have volumes to say about this man – he was my friend, and I his. Together we were co-conspirators and each other’s sounding boards. Most of all this man had a heart as big as his being. If he liked you – he had your back. Period.

As the face of Fluid Nightclub, he made sure everyone had a good SAFE time, night after night; year after year. The whole resurrection of local nightlife was made possible, in part, because he made sure it had a home. From Jazzy Jeff and Questlove to Cosmo, Rich Medina and Mike Nyce. From Dieselboy and Josh Wink to Psydde Delicious and myself …

He was a giant among us – quietly keeping peace and loving life.

While the record might be over, his beat will carry on.



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4 Responses to “Fluid manager and Philly nightlife champion Oronde Gibson has passed away at 43”

  1. MikeTrampeTV

    Awesome, article. Thank you for covering this. I wrote a blog about Oronde as well, i would love for you to check it out: http://www.miketrampetv.com/rest-in-peace-to-a-great-man-friend-oronde-gibson/

  2. andysine

    Is there any information on services?

  3. bkjphilly

    Did the people who bought Latest Dish downstairs, also get the upstairs? If they didn’t could we get enough people together to RE-OPEN Fluid?!? I was deeply saddened today to learn about Oronde. I liked your blog entry too Mike. Every time I was at Fluid, if someone was getting out of line, I would go get Oronde, and he would straighten it out in no time flat. He was definitely a gentle giant, and he will be sorely missed!

  4. atodap

    Carl Miller funeral home camden nj aug 21st

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