Download Modern Inventors new single “Selfish Generation”

Modern Inventors | photo by Ryan Farber |
Modern Inventors | photo by Ryan Farber |

Local indie pop / rockers Modern Inventors have released a new single called “Selfish Generation,” the first studio follow-up to last year’s debut LP Trains and Aeroplanes.  We first heard the track in the band’s 2013 Key Studio Session, and you can download both versions below.

With the catchiest hook you’ll hear this month, “Selfish Generation” is a sing-along song that is sonically lighthearted but lyrically touches on something deeper.  It’s cathartic for the listener and will certainly get the crowd moving, with straight to the gut lyrics like “Rock and roll is made to make you suffer.”  Bringing the sentimental, inquisitive nature of singer-songwriters and the we-know-how-to-party attitude of rockers to common ground, Modern Inventors are cross-breeding elements of Wilco and Ryan Adams for a darker power pop vibe with just enough city grit.

Check out both versions below and hear more unreleased tracks from the band in the Key Session here.




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