Download a World Cafe performance of “In Your Shoes” by Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan | Photo courtesy of the artist
Sarah McLachlan | Photo courtesy of the artist

This past May, singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan released Shine On. With it came a tour, and an interview on the World Cafe with David Dye.

The Grammy award and Juno award winning singer and songwriter’s initial claim to fame came about in the late Eigties and a significant portion of the Nineties. She formed the all female Lilith Fair in the mid-90’s, bringing attention to female musicians and raising money for numerous charities.

McLachlan’s session and interview was featured in August. During her interview, she talked about some recent major life changes, including a divorce, the death of her father, and a new love. In the conversation on World Cafe, McLachlan described how these transitions have influenced her work, particularly on the new album. During the session, McLachlan and her band performed five songs, all from her recent album, Shine On. Listen to the entire session here.

Below, download “In Your Shoes,” from Sarah McLachlan’s World Cafe session.



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