The beautiful, moody sounds of Poland’s Oxford Drama

Oxford Drama | photo courtesy of the band.
Oxford Drama | photo courtesy of the band.

Oxford Drama are a moody, electornic pop duo from Wroclaw, Poland featuring lead singer Małgorzata Dryjańska, and Marcin Mrówka.

The band recently formed in February of this year and have released a gorgeous self-titled four song EP. The band’s synth arrangements are filled with warm, minimalist and colorful textures and beats.

“Asleep/Awake,” starts off soft and slow as Dryjanska’s vocals drop in with childlike wonder. The song builds on a spare, yet soulful beat as the keyboards lurk subtly in the background. There’s not a lot going on in this song, but it’s strength lies in its simple beauty of Dryjanska’s aching vocals.

Below, download “Asleep/Awake.”



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