MusicNotes from the XPN Morning Show: Documentary on Joe Strummer of the Clash, David Byrne reviews Barry Manilow’s album of duets with “Dead Singers”, and U2 will perform a whole week on The Tonight Show

Joe Strummer in Spain-1984
Joe Strummer in Spain-1984

In the mid 1980’s Joe Strummer of The Clash managed to lose his car somewhere in Madrid. The experience is part of a new documentary that follows Strummer during his time in Spain.

Joe Strummer lived for a few months in Madrid in 1984, during which time he “lost or had stolen” his Dodge 3700 GT. He died in 2002 at age 50, having never found the car. The story has now been told in the documentary, “I Need a Dodge”. It was produced by Barcelona-based British filmmaker Nick Hall.

I always wanted to make a film about Joe Strummer, because I love The Clash, and the car provided a good way in!

-Nick Hall

Read more about the film here.

Watch trailer for “I Need A Dodge” below.

David Byrne has written a review of Barry Manilow’s album of duets.  Byrne describes Manilow’s My Dream Duets by Barry Manilow— as an album of “all duets with dead people” (Mama Cass, Sammy David Jr, John Denver, Dusty Springfield, Whitney Houston, others).


In a review of the album on, David Byrne talks about how the album presents an unsettling disconnect between perception and reality.

Barry Manilow’s new album My Dream Duets is all duets with dead people. He sings with Marilyn Monroe, John Denver and Mama Cass, among others — a dream come true for him, as the album title makes clear. The listening experience is uncanny — the dead sound remarkably alive. This is not someone interjecting comments over a scratchy LP or patently lo-fi recording (like the surviving Beatles singing and playing with the late John Lennon). Here, the dead sound like they are fully contemporary. Although the performances on this record never really took place, sound takes precedence over intellect, as all of us who enjoy music know. You will believe. You can reason as much as you like that this never happened, but your senses tell you it did.

You can read more of David Byrne’s review of Barry Manilow’s “My Dream Duets” at


U2 will do a week-long residency on The Tonight Show.  Jimmy Fallon made the announcement on his show Monday night that U2 will take over The Tonight Show for the week of 11/17. U2 previously appeared on Fallon back in February for his first show as late-night host.

Watch U2 perform on The Tonight Show in Feb. 2014

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