Sean Hoots releases new ambient record as Raise The Dead Language

Sean Hoots
Sean Hoots | photo via Facebook

Hoots & Hellmouth member Sean Hoots has moved into a new realm of music composition with his latest releases, putting aside the country twang to focus on ambient soundscapes under the moniker Raise the Dead Language.

Volume I of Hoots’s atmospheric project, released in 2011, was steeped in the natural sounds of this world: trickling streams, buzzing bugs and what feels like field recordings of a remote bog.

But last month’s Volume II is much more other-wordly. Distant groans, drawn out and distorted, bubble beneath the surface of fluidly-warping synths on opening track “Ye Elves.” The subsequent tracks are dark and expansive, with  solitary synths that ring out in vast, open sonic spaces.

Stream the record below and catch Hoots with his twangier counterparts Hellmouth at the Ardmore Music Hall on April 10th for a tribute to Gene Shay.



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