Recap: Meg Mac dazzles at NonCOMM

Meg Mac | Photo by Cameron Pollack |
Meg Mac | Photo by Cameron Pollack |

Say hello to Meg Mac, a.k.a Megan McInerney, the sleeper hit of NonCOMM 2015. Hailing all the way from Melbourne, Australia, Mac soared over to the states to give Philly a soaring vocal performance. It was her first time in Philly, too!

Mac, accompanied by backing musicians wielding electronic instruments, gave a soulful delivery – one that gives Adele a run for her money (and she’s been compared to Adele countless times already). Her biggest inspiration, however, is singer Sam Cooke, she told Noisey in April.

Mac was at the top of her game singing her two powerful, R&B/gospel-influenced singles, “Roll Up Your Sleeves” and “Known Better”. She also did a stellar cover of New Zealand band Broods’ song “Bridges”.

Expect Mac to dazzle elsewhere in the states real soon, as well as a full length. Check out photos, listen back to the set and watch a video below!



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