Listen to Dawes’ new album All Your Favorite Bands

Dawes, recently in World Cafe studio | photo by Rocco Peditto
Dawes, recently in World Cafe studio | photo by Rocco Peditto

Dawes release their new album, All Your Favorite Bands, on June 2nd, and this week, the entire thing is streaming via NPR’s First Listen series.

Writing about the album for NPR Music, Tom Moon calls it a deep look at the aftermath of love.

Singer-songwriter Taylor Goldsmith has a knack for these looking-back songs; we don’t know whether he’s in the scene or just an observer, and he relates the often sad events without a trace of regret or rancor. Deep into the record, though, in another lost-the-girl ode, comes a telling confession: “All these backward glances are putting me in danger.” Even then, knowing this, our protagonist will abide, as he vows a little later: “Even if you never will be coming back, I’ll be waiting for your call.”

With this, its fourth album, Dawes calls from deep inside the feedback loop of love’s aftermath, a place where stray scenes from happier times rattle around unexpectedly to reinforce the stark loneliness of the present moment. For a songwriter, it’s an interesting place to hang out, and Goldsmith takes full advantage of the dramatic possibilities. He’s alternately philosophical and angry, full of despair and also warm fare-thee-well wishes for the girl who left to find out what life was like without a chaperone.

Listen to the album here.

Dawes are headlining XPoNential Music Festival on Friday, July 24th. It’s the band’s only Philly area play this summer. You can get tickets here. Don’t miss Dawes on World Cafe on Monday, June 1st.



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