Destroyer goes straight for the heart of rock ‘n’ roll on WXPN’s Gotta Hear Song of the Week

Dan Bejar | Destroyer | Photo by Fabiola Carranza via Merge Records
Dan Bejar | Destroyer | Photo by Fabiola Carranza via Merge Records.

Destroyer is a rock band from Vancouver, fronted by singer, songwriter and guitarist Dan Bejar. With a catalog of excellent indie rock records going back as far as the late 90s, the band’s last album, Kaputt – released in 2011 – was critically acclaimed. It was also Detroyer’s most cohesively pop and accessibly oriented albums, and it helped grew Bejar’s fan base for his incredible music. On August 28th, Destroyer releases its latest, Poison Season, on Merge Records.

In an excellent recent interview with Ryan Dombal in Pitchfork, Dombal notes:

Poison Season, which once again blows up the idea of what a Destroyer record should sound like while sounding like nothing but a Destroyer record. (Kaputt II it is not.) The album’s 13 tracks switch between—and oftentimes combine—two distinct styles: chamber-music balladry and vamping, jazzed-up ‘70s rock. “It’s like a strange mashup of 20th century classical and, like, Destroyer at the Sands,” offers the 42-year-old Bejar, citing Frank Sinatra’s classic 1966 live album. “I was never sure if it would make any sense as music—and I’m still not really sure it does—but it was something I wanted to do, and it’s what’s closest to my heart right now.”

When Bejar isn’t Destroyer, he works with his “other” band, the New Pornographers. Below, listen to “Dream Lover,” a guitar-and-saxophone blazing, anthemic rock ‘n’ roll stunner from Poison Season. Destroyer play Underground Arts on October 3rd with Jennifer Castle. Tickets and more information on the show can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar.



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