Download a new song by FFS, a collaboration between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks

FFS | via
FFS | via

It might be one of rock’s more unique collaborations; some might even say one of rock’s strangest collaborations: Franz Ferdinand and Sparks have teamed up as FFS.

In an interview for NME with Sparks (brothers Ron and Russell Mael) and Franz Ferdinand lead singer Alex Kapranos, Kapranos says that they discussed a collaboration over a decade ago. Kapranos has been a long time fan of the band, and the intention for them coming together as FFS was to create what he called “a third voice,” bringing together Russell’s voice and his voice to form something completely different, “a strange new combination.”

Below, download “Call Girl,” FFS’s self-titled debut. It’s only available for 24 hours.

The download is no longer available.

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