Tonight’s Concert Picks: Foo Fighters at Susquehanna Bank Center, Mighty Mighty Bosstones at Union Transfer

Foo Fighters | Firefly | Photo by Joe del Tufo |
Foo Fighters | Firefly | Photo by Joe del Tufo |

So Dave Grohl’s cast is reportedly off, but its unclear whether tonight’s Foo Fighters headlining show at Susquehanna Bank Center – their second Philly-area gig of the summer – will be played via throne or or in traditional standing stance. Either way it’s cool, since the previous Camden show reportedly ruled. Below, check out two fan videos of the July 6th SBC show: an acoustic rendition of “My Hero” matched with a driving electric take on “Pretender.” Need more convincing? Here’s a then-and-now comparison of Foo Fighters Philly-area concerts. Tickets and more information on tonight’s encore gig can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar.

Wait a minute, a Foo Fighters preview followed by a Mighty Mighty Bosstones preview…what year is it? Seriously though, while these Boston-based ska-core stalwarts have had ups and downs over their 30-plus year (!!) career, you’ve got to hand it to them: they started doing ska when it was tremendously uncool, helped make it massively cool for a hot minute in the 90s, and kept doing it after the superficial coolness had subsided. Gotta hand it to them further: when the trendy crowds were swarming in, frontman Dicky Barrett was very much about making Bosstones gigs a safe space and was not at all shy about calling out and dressing down the dudebro faction of the audience for sexist / aggro / unnecessarily macho behavior during shows. Plus “Someday I Suppose” is a rager. Tickets and info on tonight’s show can be found here.



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