Introducing the synth-pop dance vibes of ROZES


ROZES | Photo via
ROZES | Photo via

As a musician who chooses to work in the synth-pop EDM/dance genre, it’s likely pretty easy these days to get lost in what is a seemingly overcrowded dance oriented, synth pop musical landscape. Unless of course you’ve got the songs and vocal chops that will allow you to transcend above the ocean of “just average” electro-groove laden music that is smothering Top 40, Soundcloud remixes, and the iTunes economy.

Well, if you’re a fan of this kind of music, look no further than ROZES for what could perhaps be the well-deserved next big thing: she’s a new Philly based synth-pop dance music singer and songwriter whose new song “R U Mine” is a glorious, anthemic, pop song, instantly ready to fill dance floors.

ROZES (LizBeth Rose Mencel) is part of a Philly family affair; she’s the sister of Patrick and Paul of Bel Heir. She’s has been busy working on her EP, and collaborating on various EDM projects, including a new song by the New York DJ/producer/songwriter duo The Chainsmokers, who had a couple of recent hit songs including #Selfie,” and “Kanye.” Below, you can listen to The Chainsmokers new song, “Roses,” featuring ROZES, but don’t let that distract you from our free download of her new song “R U Mine.”

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