Miguel’s Wildheart tour takes flight at the TLA

Miguel | Photo by Morgan Smith | phobymo.com
Miguel | Photo by Morgan Smith | phobymo.com

Sporting a white leather jacket adorned with feathers and a bare chest underneath (much to the approval of the mostly female crowd) Miguel soared through his performance at the TLA on Friday night. He performed many songs off of his third album, and the tours namesake, Wildheart, as well as some others, with his immensely spirited band backing him.

Whether Miguel was singing hits such as “Adorn,” “Sure Thing” or “Coffee,” taking time out to let his fans know how much he appreciated them or stage diving into a sea of screaming girls, he made sure to make the night as memorable as possible for his adoring fans. Considering the TLA was most certainly at capacity, with the crowd packed into the South Street venue from the stage to the doors, this was no small feat.

Throughout the night he offered bits and pieces of himself and his personal journey while telling his fans what it meant to be a “wildheart.” His best bit of advice? “Dream Big, Dream wide, and dream far. Take yourself to the fucking moon if you want to.”

Check out a photo gallery and fan videos below.

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