WXPN’s Gotta hear Song of the Week: “A Knife In The Ocean” by Foals

Foals | Credit: Neil Krug
Foals | Credit: Neil Krug

From Oxford, England, the indie rock band Foals are one of the UK’s most popular bands. While they’ve got their share of fans in the States, they’ve struggled however, to build the huge following they’ve truly deserved. That’s all about to change with the release of their fantastic new album, What Went Down on August 28th.

Below, listen to the album’s epic closing song, “A Knife In The Ocean.” Over a thick, calculated, pulsing groove, lead singer Yannis Philippakis bears his muscular, expansive voice as the guitars reverberate and soar in anthemic victory. This is one heck of a song, informed by prog-rock, Radiohead indulgence, and Muse-like ambition that out Muses Muse and at times even Thom Yorke and company.



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