Never Be Famous: Hussalonia (LIVE), Yo La Tengo and King Gizzard on the Indie Rock Hit Parade

Hussalonia | Photo via
Hussalonia | Photo via

Tonight’s Indie Rock Hit Parade is stacked, top to bottom, with special things you simply cannot miss. I just won’t allow it. Tune in starting at 11pm tonight (or better yet, stay tuned after Land of The Lost with Robert Drake) for a full two-hour show that will feature: A brand new, live in-studio session with the Buffalo, NY “pop cult” Hussalonia. Their music has been heard on Welcome To Night Vale and they just released their fifth album of 2015 alone! We’ll hear new songs and old ones in a stripped-down set. We’ll also dig into Stuff Like That There, the new album from Hoboken’s finest, Yo La Tengo. Plus a few of these tracks in case that all wasn’t enough (has anyone ever told you that you’re kinda hard to please):

Last week’s Hit Parade featured a spotlight on the new album from Baltimore’s Beach House. Check out the playlist on Spotify:

See you tonight at 11pm ET for the Indie Rock Hit Parade on WXPN!



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