Lauryn Peacock plays The Random Tea Sessions and Daytrotter

Lauryn Peacock | Photo courtesy of the artist
Lauryn Peacock | Photo courtesy of the artist

Former Philadelphian Lauryn Peacock recently went out on tour in support of her awesome new record Euphonia, and stopped by The Random Tea Sessions when she was in Philly to perform her song “Six Month Quandry.”  The very intimate performance included an accompanying violin which propelled Peacock’s somber vocals and guitar strums to new levels, both despairing and beautiful.

Oh her way back to Nashville, Peacock also spent some time in Rock Island, Illinois, playing a couple songs at Daytrotter Studios. “Wounds Grow Grass” and “All My Mind,” both featured on Euphoria, were performed in this short session.  Peacock seems to have a way with conveying intricate messages in a delicate fashion, allowing her vocals and subtle instrumental backdrops to be the driving force behind such emotional tunes.

Check out the Random Tea Sessions below and her Daytrotter studios performance here.

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