Download Minka’s new “My Room,” listen to five David Bowie songs that are in its DNA

Minka | Photo by Frank Lanigan | courtesy of the artist
Minka | Photo by Frank Lanigan | courtesy of the artist

When we premiered Minka‘s jaunty jam “Kids These Days” this summer, we noted a similarity to the O.G. rock n’ roll chameleon, David Bowie.Today, we’ve got another new song from the Philly dance-rock four piece, and it sounds even more Let’s Dance-esque.

Frontman Ari Rubin says that “My Room,” recorded at Miner Street Studio with Brian McTear, was inspired by a scene from The Departed where Jack Nicholson’s character says “I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.”

He’s attending a graduate program in New York right now, and says he decorated his apartment the way he imagined his eight-year-old self would like it – red and blue paint, posters of nature. When he wakes up and looks around his room, Rubin says, it reminds him to approach each day with the unjaded open mind of a child.

When we noted the similarities to The Thin White Duke, Rubin told us he and his bandmates have been big Bowie fans for a long time and agreed to collect a couple of our favorite tunes with some thoughts on what they mean to him.

“Kooks” (from Hunky Dory)

He’s talking to his kid saying “hey, your parents are kind of weirdos, but that’s okay!” It’s a speech we’ll all have to give.

“Five Years” (from Ziggy Stardust)

Nothing to jolt you out of complacency like realizing the world is about to end. Damn we better hurry up and WRITE SOME HITS!

“Sound and Vision” (from Low)

Love how Bowie engages the bottom of his range throughout this one. When he harmonizes with himself it’s just bonkers.

“Beauty and the Beast” (from “Heroes”)

Whoa – so many things happening at once. I feel like I’m partying inside of a Dali painting.

“Fashion” (from Scary Monsters)

Robert Fripp’s angular guitar lines are the perfect species of strange. Also — “We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town..beep beep.” Might as well be MINKA’s motto.



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