WXPN’s Gotta Hear Song of the Week: “Call Your Name” by Eric Bazilian

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Eric Bazilian | photo by Ellen Miller

“In and out.” That’s how Eric Bazilian of The Hooters describes how his new song “Call Your Name” came about. Written and recorded with David Uosikkinen (The Hooters, In The Pocket) at Red Door Recording in one day – September 28th – it’s the first new solo song from Bazilian in a some time, and it’s an immediate classic, from a guy who knows a thing or two about great songwriting.

Over e-mail, Bazilian wrote about how the song came about:

On Monday Dave came over to my studio for me to help him load the 808 drum loop from the ancient Hooters song “Birdman” into his Roland Drum pad for the upcoming Keswick shows. I had to reconstruct it using the virtual drum machine in Pro Tools, and once I had it all sounding right I said to him, hey, we should write a song to this. I picked up my mandola and jammed out the entire structure of the song in one take. Double tracked that, added a couple of electric rhythm guitars doing pretty much the same thing. Slammed down a bass. I really had no idea what the song was going to be about so I did what I always do…. Put the mic into record and started singing. The chorus just sort of popped into my head and Dave went “yeah”. I layered a bunch of voices on that and just went for it on the verses, what came out is what you hear, pretty much, though my original vocal was in a faux-Brit-punk voice. In some way it was more authentic, but obviously phony. Too bad. Wish I was a Brit punk for real, sometimes.

Then Dave went downstairs and nailed the drums in a couple of takes. He left, and I wrote the bridge and recorded the “face-melting” guitar solo, which is the only reason I really do any of the other stuff. Did a quick mix and, voila. Tuesday morning I sent it to Dan Reed just because, and the rest is history.

Below, listen to “Call Your Name.” Bazilian, Uosikkinen, and the rest of The Hooters perform at the Keswick Theater on Friday and Saturday November 6 & 7. The shows are sold out.



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