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Tall Heights | Photo by Shervin Lainez
Tall Heights | Photo by Shervin Lainez

This past Summer at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, audiences had a taste of the Boston indie-folk group Tall Heights, Tim Harrington (guitar and vocals) and Paul Wright (cello and vocals).

In a performance recorded for World Cafe with David Dye, the band performed material from their just released EP, Holding On, Holding Out. Tall Heights are reminiscent of bands like like Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, yet they have their own unique, and beguiling, moody indie-folk sensibility with instrumentation that includes guitar, cello and various electronics. They released their sophomore record in 2013, Man of Stone, and recently played Milkboy.

“Spirit Cold,” starts the EP off with a warm, welcoming, and intimate sound. About the song, Eric Danton from the Wall Street Journal“Spirit Cold” started one morning when Wright was babysitting an old upright piano on the street until movers came to haul it up some stairs. The song “unfurled over several weeks of back and forth,” Harrington says, until both musicians were happy with it.

“Lyrically, what we’re talking about is how we humans, we do terrible things to each other again and again and again, and we’re asking the question, how do we not just accept that?” says Wright, who was friends with Harrington when they were growing up in Sturbridge, Mass. “It’s about staying present and awake to the bad, but also the good that’s around us.”

Below, download “Spirit Cold,” and be sure to listen to Tall Heights on World Cafe.



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