Philly’s Restorations get loud (but not too loud) at Daytrotter

Restorations Daytrotter illustration | via
Restorations Daytrotter illustration | via

The quickly ascending punk rock five-piece Restorations have been gaining more attention in Philly and beyond, and with the recent release of their session with the famed Daytrotter folks, they even further establish themselves as forces to be reckoned with.

The guys played three songs off of their newest album, LP3, which was released last year as well as the single, “The Plan” from their second LP. The band kept the sound we have come to love here at The Key while dialing back some of the noise to keep with the Daytrotter vibe.

Check out the session over at Daytrotter, and watch the video for “Tiny Prayers” from LP3 below.

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