The Fantastic Imagination take acid, cover T. Rex’s “Born to Be My Unicorn”

Fantastic Imagination
The Fantastic Imagination | photo via Facebook

Before going full-on glam rock, T. Rex were a psychedelic folk band that released a record inspired by unicorns and fairy tales called, simply, Unicorn. Now, our own local psych-rock collective The Fantastic Imagination have dusted that album off and recorded a cover of “She Was Born to Be My Unicorn.”

Listening to The Fantastic Imagination’s version, it’s easy to get disoriented for a minute and forget that you’re not listening to a song recorded in the 60s. They’ve captured the essence of organic psych-folk with swirling layers, communal chorus vocals and a hint of psychedelia that conjures images of woodland adventures and mythical creatures.

The band, which features members of A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Arc in Round and other local stalwarts, is finishing up a cassette EP that will be released in the coming months. In the meantime, enjoy their cover of “Born to Be My Unicorn” below.


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