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Heart Harbor 0 Jessica Kourkounis
Heart Harbor | Photo by Jessica Kourkounis | courtesy of the artist |

Heart Harbor is the new project from Kerry Hallett, a long-time Philly / Portland singer-songwriter who has worked with Ali Wadsworth and members of Northern Arms. “Hating Nothing” comes to us from Heart Harbor’s debut Tender Trap EP, a collection of songs produced by Erin McKeown and recorded at Miner Street.

About working with Kerry, Erin writes on her website:

last june i had the pleasure of producing a new EP from philadelphia artist Heart Harbor. i first met kerry hallett after a show in portland OR in december of 2013. she came right up to me and asked if i produced music and if she could send me some songs. i have to say after years of these conversations, very little usually comes of them. a lot of factors have to line up, and they usually don’t. in kerry’s case that brief chat at a show turned into a year-long collaboration and 10 wonderful recordings.

from the first time i heard her early demos, kerry’s music has had a sound and viewpoint already in place. my job has been the fun part – pushing her to re-write where she needed to be clearer, asking questions that result in new ideas, and setting up the conditions for happy audio accidents to take place. by the time we went to miner street studios, kerry had spent nearly a year working on these songs, and the time put in shows. the first 5 will arrive on the upcoming “Tender Trap EP”, the rest sometime later next year.

“Hating Nothing” is sonically poppy and upbeat, starting out with a simple guitar and drum arrangement (drums by Patrick Berkery) while Hallett sings about moving on from a relationship. She’s got more tricks up her sleeve than that simple opening implies though; piano trills, horns and a playful vocal delivery give “Hating Nothing” a sense of self-love and confidence usually heard in songs by Ingrid Michaelson. It’s the brightness at the end of the tunnel.

Stream “Hating Nothing” below and download it on Hallett’s website here. She’ll be opening for Arc Divers and Acres of Diamonds at Bourbon & Branch on Saturday, February 6th; tickets and information can be found here.



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