Free at Noon Flashback: Hezekiah Jones plays a heartwarming post-Thanksgiving set

Hezekiah Jones | Photo by Cameron Pollack |
Hezekiah Jones | Photo by Cameron Pollack |

With a roomful of music fans nursing hangovers, food comas or both, there couldn’t have been a more appropriate soundtrack Friday than the lovely Free at Noon set from Hezekiah Jones. The Philly folk mainstays just released their excellent new In Loving Memory of oosi Lockjaw – either their fourth or fifth long-player, depending on how you count – and their set Friday brought its beautifully mellow tones and moments of rousing rock to a packed World Cafe Live house.

Raphael Cutrufello is the singer and songwriter at the center of Hezekiah Jones, but don’t be mistaken – this is a total band effort, from Kiley Ryan’s fiddle leads and heartwarming harmonies (“Go Cat Fall”) to the guitar interplay of Matt Helm and Brad Hinton (“The Dark Heart’s Out”), and the nuanced rhythm section of Daniel S. Bower on drums and Phil D’Agostino on bass. Their set runs the spectrum from loud louds to the quietest quiets and the crowd ate it up as ravenously as the mashed potatoes and turkey they had the day before.

Listen back to the Free at Noon and check out a photo gallery below. Hezekiah Jones plays World Cafe Live with Chris Bathgate on February 6th; tickets and more information on the show can be found here.


Go Cat Fall
Borrowed Heart
Strange Dream
Spare the Wicked
The Dark Heart’s Out
Writing Letters in the Morning
Mind Malaise


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