What kind of Philadelphian are you?


Have you ever wondered to yourself: “What kind of Philadelphian am I?” Well, The Pew Research Center has found a way to categorize Philadelphians based on their opinions & feelings about the city, rather than where they fall in any demographic category. Check it out & take the survey & see where you fit in.

The four categories are:

1.Dissatisfied Citizens, 2.Die-Hard Loyalists, 3.Uncommitted Skeptics, and 4.Enthusiastic Urbanists.

1. Dissatisfied Citizens: Represent 30 percent of the population, & tend to be unhappy with their neighborhoods, disenchanted with city government, and not optimistic about the city’s prospects.

2. Die-Hard Loyalists: Account for 25 percent of residents, they see a bright future for Philadelphia and want to be part of it. They feel strong ties to their neighbors and many are lifelong Philadelphians.

3. Uncommitted Skeptics: Also represent 25 percent of the city and have little attachment to Philadelphia. They have doubts about the effectiveness and goals of local institutions.

4. Enthusiastic Urbanists: The smallest group makes up only 19 percent of the population, It is excited about the city and its future. Many of these residents are relative newcomers who view Center City as vital to the city’s well-being and think that the city must attract new residents if it is to thrive.

Any of these categories sound like you? Maybe a mixture of one or two? Find out where you fit in, according to Pew by taking the survey here.



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