Escape the waking world in Joie Kathos’ new “Dreaming” video

Joie Kathos | Photo by Josh Runs | | courtesy of the artist
Joie Kathos | Photo by Josh Runs | | courtesy of the artist

Philly rapper Joie Kathos is always one to think about her work in layers and levels. In the new video for “Dreaming,” a track from last year’s Floaters, we get a glimpse into the unlikely morning routine of a charismatic rapper – rolling out of a comforter, stretching, chugging mouthwash – except for Kathos, her walk down a flight of stairs takes her to a super chill neon / technicolor house party that I would love to wake up to on a daily basis.

Lyrically, the Shocker G-produced song is all motivation from a goal-oriented individual – “All my dreams are just realities that haven’t happened yet” – but visually, the setting seems to illustrate the distractions that might get in your way, and the subsequent waking up to the consequences of your actions.

Watch the video below, and find out more at Joie’s Facebook page.





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