UNLOCKED: Listen to an eclectic playlist from Philly’s Abi Reimold

Abi Reimold | photo by Haley Richter | haleyrichterphoto.com | courtesy of the artist
Abi Reimold | photo by Haley Richter | haleyrichterphoto.com | courtesy of the artist

All week long, we’ve been spotlighting singer-songwriter Abi Reimold and her terrific new album Wriggling. It’s a dynamic record, it’s an emotion-packed record. And that’s not just to say that it’s sad – though moments are quite sad – but rather that it captures the range of human emotion, from despondency and confusion to playful joy.

Thing is, beyond being a musician in her own right, Reimold is a huge fan of music – something that you can tell when you listen closely and dig into the record. In our review, we noticed bits of Cursive, Cocteau Twins and Creepoid. To conclude the series today, we asked Reimold to share five of her all-time favorite songs, and the list she gave us is equally eclectic; check it out below.

“Alison” by Slowdive

“This was written by Slowdive when they were teenagers and captures this really raw, emotional energy. I think it’s the most beautiful song.”

“High Times” by Elliott Smith

“This is my favorite Elliott Smith song. He’s amazing.”

“Amen” by Meek Mill

“I spent a lot of 2014 listening to a whole bunch of rap, and this was my favorite song I found in that time period. A band that lived next door to my old house would jam on the riff and the beat constantly.”

“Video Games (Lockah Remix)” by Lana del Rey 

“Before I ever heard any other Lana songs, this remix was the first one; somebody posted it on Facebook. I love all of her discography, I love all her songs – I love her! – but this particular remix is my favorite. It’s really clever that they used video game samples, which is really appropriate for the song. I like it more than the actual studio version.”

“Darn that Dream” by Billie Holiday

“It’s a really gorgeous song. I tried to learn how to play it on guitar, and I’m not good at learning other people’s songs. So I wrote ‘Vessel‘ instead. Which is kind of like that feeling, but is the opposite of this song.”

Abi Reimold’s Wriggling is the featured album on this edition of Unlocked. Listen to the song “Machine” in Monday’s post, read Tuesday’s album review, watch a short documentary in Wednesday’s post, read yesterday’s interview, and catch Reimold at Johnny Brenda’s on April 28th.

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