XPN MusicNotes: College kid’s year is made when he joins Springsteen on stage in Philly for “No Surrender.”

Springsteen and fan in Philly | still from video
Springsteen and Matthew Aucoin in Philly | still from video

““I got up there and I looked at the crowd. It was the time of my life! I can see why Springsteen loves playing in Philly!”

Talk about having your 15 minutes of fame! Texas A&M student Matthew Aucoin had the once in a lifetime thrill of joining Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band on-stage Friday night at Citizens Bank Park in Philly for a spirited rendition of “No Surrender.”

The Boss had just finished “Rosalita” when Matthew held up a sign, asking to join the band.  The Boss obliged and Matthew played acoustic guitar and sang.

Afterwards he told CBS Philly:

“I just stuck this sign in Springsteen’s face, and he and Stevie Van Zandt read it. Bruce was like thinking about it, thinking about it, and he looked up at my dad and said ‘can he play it?’ My dad said ‘he can play it,’ and I was saying ‘I can play it, I can play it.’ After that, Bruce just gave me the wave and I hopped on stage, and it was incredible.”

It was one of many incredible moments during Springsteen’s two shows in Philly. Watch below, and check out our full review of the concert.



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