Free At Noon Preview: Listen to Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam’s new LP “I Had A Dream That You Were Mine”

Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam | Courtesy of the artist
Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam | Courtesy of the artist

Two of Indie-Rock’s finest will put out their ten-track LP I Had A Dream That You Were Mine on September 23rd under Glassnote Records. Hamilton Leithauser formerly of The Walkmen and Rostam Batmanglij who left Vampire Weekend this past January have collaborated before, but this will be the first time they release work under the name Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam.

Fittingly, the album as a whole invites listeners into the neo-blues/rock dreamscape born of the collaboration between these established musicians. The introductory track of the album, “A 1000 Times,” eases listeners into the hazy world created by I Had A Dream That You Were Mine with Leithauser’s nostalgic vocals worthy of any lullaby accompanied by twinkling piano notes played by Batmanglij. As the narration continues, the mood of each track grows increasingly more persistent in regards to the love interest that Leithauser seems to have been pursuing for some time now.

The duo didn’t shy away from exploring new genres while creating this LP, as is evident in songs like “When The Truth Is” which features the crooning vocals of Leithauser accompanied by faint echoes of “shoo-wop shoo-wop” in the background. Despite the impressive range showcased, these sudden genre changes can be potential disruptors to the narrative of the album. After “When The Truth Is” comes the folk-inspired “You Ain’t That Young Kid” which is a potentially jarring mood change when compared to the previous track. The album is concluded with a whimsical duo that features vocals by Angel Deradoorian. For me, this felt like the standout track of the album. The two person narrative is complimented by the whimsical sounds of a violin and a harp. This is not something that has been seen from either of these primarily indie-rock artists in the past.

If you are interested in experiencing firsthand the effects of this otherworldly LP, you’re in luck. Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam will be performing for WXPN’s Free At Noon Concert this Friday, Sept. 23rd at World Cafe Live. Patrons must RSVP in order to attend the show, which is taking place on the same day as the release date for I Had A Dream That You Were Mine. Unfortunately, aside from the Free At Noon performance it doesn’t look like any of their upcoming shows are yet to be in Philly, so catch them now while you have the chance!

Click below to listen to the complete album on NPR Music’s First Listen.

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