Gotta Hear Song of the Week: “You Want It Darker” by Leonard Cohen


Legendary singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen recently turned 82 years young, and with it has come the announcement of his first new studio album in two years, You Want It Darker.

The nine song collection, produced by his son Adam Cohen, will be released on October 21st. There is a slow, dark, and beautiful pulse to the song, with flourishes of religious and spiritual and musical touches. In a press release, Cohen called the song “An unflinching exploration of the religious mind,” and was recorded with Montreal’s Cantor Gideon Zelermyer and the Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue Choir. Cohen’s spoken word lyrics include the lines:

“If you are the dealer
I’m out of the game
If you are the healer
I’m broken and lame
If thine is the glory
Then mine must be the shame
You want it darker
We kill the flame”

The song, no doubt, is spoken and delivered from the perspective of someone searching for his spirituality. Cohen’s relationship with the synagogue is historical. He had is Bar Mitzvah at the there and Cohen’s grandfather and great-grandfather were presidents of the synagogue.

Below, listen to “You Want It Darker” from one of the greatest poets and musical storytellers of our time.



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