Gotta Hear Song of the Week: “Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me” by Ron Gallo

ron gallo
Ron Gallo | photo by Tim Duggan

Rock and roll singer, songwriter and guitarist Ron Gallo left Philly after leading the roots rock band Toy Soldiers for eight years, taking off to Nashville looking for inspiration and a scene that spoke to his rock and roll urges.

Before Gallo left for Nashville, in December of 2015, he sat down with The Key’s John Vettese for an extensive exit interview. Asked why he chose to go to Nashville, Gallo said:

I think there is a great rock n’ roll, garage, punk scene happening in Nashville right now that I am drawn too, as well as a ton of great friends that live there. I’ve left that city about 12 times wondering why.

Since arriving in Nashville in January of this year, Gallo has been connecting the musical dots, playing out, hanging with Philly friends and meeting new Nashville friends. On February 3rd, he releases Heavy Meta, an 11-song collection of straight ahead rock and roll songs, influenced by Gallo’s love of psychedelic and garage rock. Gallo is also in good company on his new label, New West Records, with labelmates Shovels & Rope, John Hiatt, Sara Watkins, Steve Earle, and others.

In his interview with The Key, Gallo told Vettese the album he was working on was “heavy.” “It’s some strange brew of rock n’ roll, garage, early punk and psychedelia.” If the first single from the album – “Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me” – is any indication, Gallo has put his own unique stamp on various forms of classic rock. The song is a searing nugget of rock and roll, a highly needed ’68 comeback takeover of rock in 2016.

Listen to “Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me” below. And be sure to catch Ron and his trio this week in his Key Studio Session.



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