Free At Noon Flashback: Purling Hiss rages into 2017 with a set of High Bias jams

Purling Hiss | photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN | <a href= target="_blank"></a>
Purling Hiss | photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN |

Things got loud at the final Free at Noon concert of 2016. Philadelphia power trio Purling Hiss, fronted by dynamic guitarist Mike Polizze, tore through a 45-minute set centered around its eighth studio LP High Bias but drew from all corners of its career. The set opened with a burst of feedback and then “Learning Slowly,” an infectious song from its 2014 record Weirdon. The song is built around a racing motorcycle riff and is a testament to the band’s sense of heritage — behind the squeals and squalor, Polizze and the Hiss write songs strongly informed by classic 70s rock riffs and structures.

As the set proceeded, that contrast was underscored — howling noise of cuts like “3000 AD” and the cranky “Teddy’s Servo Motors” sat alongside poppy burners like “Fever” and the sing-along-able “Follow You Around.” There’s a bit of a Sex Pistols sneer in High Bias, and a touch of 80s college rock — evidenced by the band’s cover of “Green Eyes” by Hüsker Dü.

After the snappy “Get Your Way,” Purling Hiss closed the main set by diving into a searing 15 minute rendition of the album closer “Everybody In The USA,” stretching out Polizze’s nervy tremolo leads, Ben Leaphart’s hammering drumming and Dan Provenzano’s thundering bass to their maximum potential. It was a rager, but the band wasn’t too exhausted for an off-air encore. Those who stuck around got to hear the classic “Run From the City,” originally found on Purling Hiss’ 2010 LP Public Service Announcement.

Purling Hiss doesn’t have any shows on the docket at the moment, but we’ll let you know once they announce something for 2017. In the meantime, get yourself a copy of High Bias via Drag City Records, and check out an audio archive and gallery from today’s Free at Noon concert below.


Learning Slowly
3000 AD
Teddy’s Servo Motors
Follow You Around
Green Eyes (Husker Du cover)
Get Your Way
Everybody in the USA

Run From the City

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