Listen to LOUDS’ insanely catchy “Touch My Body With Your Skin”

Louds | photo by John Evin Groome for WXPN
Louds | photo by John Evin Groome for WXPN

Self-described “analog dance music” five-piece, LOUDS, just released a single called “Touch My Body With Your Skin” on Bandcamp and holy cannoli, it’s a catchy tune. Really — I’ll bet you five dollars that your foot will start tapping the moment you press play. And if you somehow manage to escape bobbing along to the cheery, carefree melodies, then you are a robot and can have my five bucks.

Members (and brothers) Charlie and Petie Brooks say the song stemmed from a “burst of creativity” that led to the making of LOUDS’ upcoming EP, WE ARE NOT MEN WE ARE ANIMALS. If the other songs are as addicting as this one, they should stick with this new process.

All of the proceeds from the song’s Bandcamp sales will be donated to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. Help out a good cause while also dancing away by purchasing “Touch My Body With Your Skin” below.





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