XPN’s Gotta Hear Song of the Week: “something for your M.I.N.D.” by Superorganism

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We don’t know much about Superorganism but we sure do love their quirky new song, “something for your M.I.N.D.” The supercool jam is woozy and head-nodding, with deep sludgy beats and a quirky, colorful chorus.

While slightly veiled in mystery, Superorganism is fronted by Orono, a 17 year old teenager from Japan who lives in Maine. She has a thing for covers of songs by Weezer, Pavement, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Half Japanese, and the “band” – based in Maine and London – consists (according to their Facebook page of “eight and mulitplying.”

“something for your M.I.N.D” is a little to the left of the Butthole Surfers’ classic “Pepper”, and a long distance stoner relative of “She Don’t Use Jelly” by the Flaming Lips.

Listen below.



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