XPN’s Gotta Hear Song of the Week: “Back in ’74” by Endless Boogie

Endless Boogie | Photo by Constance Mensh | courtesy of the artist and No Quarter Records

Taking their name from John Lee Hooker’s 1971 album of the same, New York’s Endless Boogie have been rocking it out since 1997, when a couple of employees at Matador Records decided to start a band.

The band has since released five studio albums and various singles and compilations since the mid aughts, including their latest, Vibe Killer. The album is out Friday on the Philadelphia-based No Quarter Records. The band is fronted by Paul Major, a well known collector (and seller) of obscure rock records, who himself has written a book (out on May 30th) called Feel The Music, about his adventures as both a musician and obsessive record collector.

Vibe Killer, like Endless Boogie’s previous records, is cut from the blues-based classic rock mold, and is heavy on guitar jams — imagine the place where Canned Heat meets ZZ Top, and Blue Cheer meets John Lee Hooker.

One of the record’s highlights is “Back In ’74,” a story about seeing Kiss at a kite flying festival in St. Louis. It’s an engaging story and one long electric boogie-fried song you can’t turn away from. On June 4th you can get your endless boogie on when the band plays Johnny Brenda’s.



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