Tonight’s Concert Picks: Ramona Cordova at LAVA Space, The Bul Bey at Johnny Brenda’s, Jonatha Brooke at Bryn Mawr Gazebo

Ramona Cordova | photo by Inma Varandela | courtesy of the artist
Ramona Cordova | photo by Inma Varandela | courtesy of the artist

Ahead of their upcoming release On Paper, indie artist Ramona Cordova will perform at LAVA Space. The venue is the perfect compliment for Ramona’s music and values, both working to create spaces that are inclusive and diverse and respectful through performance. Each of Ramona’s three records thus far have moved in different directions that reflect their growth and transformations over the past ten years: the boy who floated freely tells a story, taking the listener on a journey, quinn to new relationships is more expansive musically and abstract lyrically. Ramona tells The Key in a recent interview that the newest record, set for a July 4th release, is “inspired by the struggle I felt transitioning back to the United States from France: re-arising trauma, feelings of state and social oppression, hopelessness, longing to be back in a place where i just felt free.” Ramona will perform with Pinkwash, Gland, and Jenny Jones World. For more information, visit the XPN Concert Calendar.

Philly’s resident hip hop kid The Bul Bey returns to Johnny Brenda’s tonight. His debut record Shaking Hands and Kissing Babies was released in 2015, and since then Bey has steadily released music videos and stayed active in the local scene, representing Philadelphia in last year’s NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Road Show. Check out the XPN Concert Calendar for more information on the show.

Folk singer-songwriter Jonatha Brooke headlines at the Bryn Mawr Gazebo in what is sure to be a relaxed and intimate setting with the independent artist, joined by local acts Bruce Rits Gilbert and Matt Lyons. Brooke released her latest record Midnight. Hallelujah in 2016 and is currently on tour. For more information, visit the XPN Concert Calendar



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