XPN MusicNotes: Watch U2 cover Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne” in tribute to the late Canadian Singer-Songwriter


“Leonard Cohen is an addiction I can’t give up” -Bono

U2 took its 30th Anniv. of the Joshua Tree Tour from the US to Canada this weekend and while in Toronto, paid tribute to the late great Canadian Singer-Songwriter Leonard Cohen. On Saturday night, U2 performed a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne” at Rogers Center in Toronto.  Back in 2005 U2 worked with Cohen on a performance of “Tower of Song” from the documentary: “I’m Your Man.”

Bono told the 50,000 people in attendance:

“Tonight we hold onto some things, as you let go of others. I’m not quite sure how to let it go, but I know tonight I’m holding onto the music of Leonard Cohen, thinking about it today. It’s been on my mind. He’s an addiction I’m not ready to give up, so I’m going to sing this one to Leonard Cohen.”

Later, Bono told fans about attending Cohen’s 79th birthday party.

“I asked him, ‘Leonard, what do you want to do on your 80th? Have you made any plans?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, I want to smoke a cigarette.’ He’d given up cigarettes for 27 years.’ [Cohen said] ‘It’s a handmade…I’m just going to have one.’ We could all be so lucky to live a life like that.”

Watch a fan video below.

Compared to Leonard Cohen performomg “Suzanne” live in 2008 at the Montreal Jazz Festival below.

Watch trailer for the documentary- “I’m Your Man”



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