Listen to Kate Faust channel disco / house divas of days gone by in Osage’s “Real Time”

Kate Faust
Kate Faust | Photo by Josh Pelta-Heller for WXPN |

Collabs are the best — especially when the pairing consists of top-notch Philly artists. So of course the Kate Faust-featured Osage track, “Real Time,” is a keeper.

Spotlighted in a not-too-long ago segment of Items Tagged Philadelphia, we found that Illvibe Collective member, lil dave, also shares his time creating sick house beats under the moniker, Osage. He recently shared a three-track EP titled AlgoRhythm Vol. 1 which spotlights vocals from Philly-turned-LA based artist, Kate Faust.

Opening with a zesty rhythm that never lets up, the track dances along in house music fashion to vogue synth and Faust’s clear, soulful and fun vocals. Taking the party to another level, the track breaks and jumps and shifts in speed — creating a danceable whir of pulsing beats.

Dance along yourself to “Real Time” below.



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